Helped 1,000+ Online Marketers, Sales Professionals, & Business Owners In 20+ Countries!

Tom Bell
"If you're looking to take your business to the next level, Pouya is THE ONE."

Vas Belegrinis
"I haven't had a single month less than 150% of target and leading on the sales floor out of 100+ sales people."

Patrick Magarelli
"My income has DOUBLED and in some instances TRIPLED from what I was making before."

Bryan Machingura
"I've seen great benefits in my business strategy, organizing my life, and increasing my revenue since working with Pouya."

Lewis Schenk
"I had my first ever $10,000 DAY in the first few weeks of working with Pouya."

Robert Curran
"Pouya is truly a mastermind of great sales knowledge as well as success and personal growth."


Mike Pritchard
Founder & CEO Upstat Marketing

"Pouya is directly responsible for adding $43,000,000 in client revenue to our company in 24 months. 

I’m of the mind he is perhaps the greatest asset to any company or individual lucky enough to engage and work with him, and I enjoy sharing why.
Pouya was directly managing half the sales of our company. He was given two additional office locations to manage and over the following year, he had DOUBLED our sales. 

Unbeknownst to him at the time, we had a running joke about him with our clients which we called “THE POUYA EFFECT” - Wherever we put him, sales blew up, morale increased, and our business and teams expanded.
By the end of his tenure, Pouya directly managed 87% of ALL sales company wide.
Pouya leads from the front and is the epitome of what all great leaders should strive to be. It was a rare pleasure working with him and I'm happy to give him the absolute strongest of recommendations."

Roberto Banke
Founder & CEO Banke Global Health


Brad Martin
Founder & CEO Puulse Marketing

"Pouya came into my organization and was a powerhouse catalyst for sales growth. 

His sales acumen redefined what a successful day of selling looked like for everyone.

Pouya took a struggling and under-performing regional office, turned it around, and made it the top producing office - eventually ascending to running multiple offices and being our company's top sales leader.

Sharp, professional, punctual, and performs exactly "as advertised". Pouya knows his stuff.

If this is anything to do with making sales, just give Pouya your money now.

You won't regret it."

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